I used a variety of AI Text to Image generators and image filters with the same prompt:
“Generate an image, as you decide, based on this text prompt: One Love”

Music Video

I am, or should be, ashamed to report my process for this music video. I did not want to generate a new song. I wanted to use one of my own. The closest I could get thematically is a song I wrote and recorded in 1999, Love, somewhat in the figurative ballpark, but by title only as the lyrics are not about World Peace. They’re about a real-life breakup that at the time gutted me. But the music is nice, almost Pop, some might even say on the Country side a tad, so that’s the audio ticket.

However, when it comes to Responsive AI Music Video Generation, wanting to keep with my commitment to using only 100% free solutions so I can empower my clients to manage their online presences if they wish (many of whom are rural and simply do not have a budget for such an expense), I again hit the AI wall.

I used WZRD.ai in the past for the 22nd Century Compos Mentis Man music videos, so I did again. But as the legendary Nigel Tufnel might have said, “This one goes to eleven.” However, the free WZRD video previews that are downloadable are thirty seconds maximum duration, so I regressed to my GenX tech roots, digitally sliced up the over 6-minute song (I came up with a relatively passable George Harrison-influenced guitar solo, so hopefully it’s worth your time) into 30-second clips, saved each separately as WAVs, then ran the video generation, audio clip by clip. Thirteen iterations. WZRD claims to be responsive, and each visual reportedly is generated on the spot, but you be the judge. I am not confident of this as the data sets it pulls from seem awfully… proprietary… but I have no evidence. Actually, I do. I used the “Landscape” pattern which is noted as follows: Source: https://artbreeder.com.

And there’s the rub.

Well, I technically credited the source, but is this music video wholly Gen AI? No, sir, I don’t believe so. However, being an aleatory art fanatic, I let the AI choose the images and then auto-fill the sequences as it saw fit, so, yeah. AI-esque.

I recklessly just sequenced each video clip sans transitions, and used the original MP3 as the audio for initial reference, so theoretically it is a truly responsive music video, beginning to end. But again, I have doubts, and I get the feeling it does not matter in the end as it likely is a moot point.

Oh, and I learned a new trick. Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as AI audio remastering. I enhanced the original audio using https://app.bakuage.com/masterings. The original recording was actually DDD, but I transferred to good ol’ analog cassette (there is a digital master somewhere on one of my external HDs, but I am too farkin’ lazy to find it), so when I absurdly resampled it from tape (really), the result was 128kbps @ 44kHz. I fixed that, so it is now 1411kbps, still 44kHz, but if you are interested, here is a back/forth comparison. You need not be a geek like me to hear the improvement. It is surprisingly better in many regards. For my fellow audiophiles (I’m talking to you, my mentor and audio engineering hero, Capn’ Nod!), here is a peek under that sonic hood.

Then I imported the a/v clips into my trusty Open Source Kdenlive NLE (non-linear editor), with the remastered audio, and compared both so as to sync the original a/v clips, as WZRD claims they should responsively be, with the “remastered,” or at least enhanced audio in place. I had to slightly decrease the clips’ speeds to get them to overlap so I could add video transitions. So in the end, all is synced and theoretically resulting an a “responsive” video.

Ya really hankerin’ for yet more unnecessary details? Here’s how that’s done.

As of press time, and I looked, hard, but there do not YET appear to be online SD-HD video upscalers that are free. Sorry for the SD and 12.5fps video quality, but I’m cutting my losses.

Again I will be impossible and ask you if you want a refund since it is all free, as always. Such an attitude! Really. I mean I should apologize or something but do I? Nope. That’s the Chicagoland in me, which my friends back home will vigorously fist-pump in approval. We are the friendliest assholes on the planet.

Anyway, the rest turned out pretty good, so enjoy, if possible.

One Love, A Gen AI Poem

In the vast expanse of our shared humanity,
One love, a beacon of hope and light,
Guiding us towards a world of peace,
Where hearts beat in unity, souls entwined.

Harmony whispers in the gentle breeze,
A symphony of voices, diverse yet one,
Colors blending in a vibrant tapestry,
Embracing differences, celebrating uniqueness.

Let us cast aside the chains of division,
And raise our voices in unison,
For in the unity of our spirits,
Lies the power to heal, to mend, to unite.

One love, a thread that binds us all,
Across oceans, borders, and time,
A promise of a brighter tomorrow,
Where peace reigns supreme, in every heart and mind.


One Love, A Gen AI Short Story

By https://www.editpad.org/tool/story-generator

In the year 2050, the world had experienced a transformation unlike any other. Gone were the days of war, hatred, and division. Instead, a sense of unity, love, and harmony had swept across the globe. People from all walks of life came together in the spirit of peace and cooperation, working towards a utopian future where everyone could live in happiness and prosperity.

It all started with a young girl named Maya, who had a vision of a world free from conflict and suffering. She dedicated her life to spreading messages of love and understanding, inspiring others to join her in the pursuit of world peace. As her following grew, so too did the movement for change.

One of Maya’s most influential supporters was a middle-aged man named David. He had spent years working in the corporate world, climbing the ladder of success but feeling unfulfilled and empty inside. When he heard Maya speak about the power of love and unity, he knew he had found his purpose in life.

David used his resources and connections to help spread Maya’s message far and wide. Together, they organized peace rallies, charity events, and educational programs aimed at promoting empathy and understanding among people of different backgrounds. Their efforts began to bear fruit as more and more individuals joined their cause, eager to make a positive impact on the world.

As the movement gained momentum, governments around the world took notice. Leaders from every nation came together to discuss ways to promote global harmony and cooperation. Treaties were signed, agreements were made, and borders began to blur as people from different countries came together as one human family.

In the midst of this newfound unity, a wave of creativity and innovation swept through society. Artists, musicians, scientists, and entrepreneurs collaborated on projects that pushed the boundaries of what was possible. Sustainable technologies were developed, poverty and hunger were eradicated, and education and healthcare were made accessible to all.

Through it all, Maya and David remained at the forefront of the movement, their love and dedication serving as a beacon of hope for generations to come. Their story became legend, passed down from parent to child, inspiring future leaders to continue the work of building a better world.

In the year 2100, on the anniversary of Maya’s vision, a grand celebration was held in cities around the globe. People of all ages and backgrounds came together to honor the legacy of peace and love that had shaped their world. As fireworks lit up the sky and music filled the air, a sense of gratitude and joy spread through the crowd.

In that moment, as people danced and laughed and embraced one another, it was clear that the dream of a utopian future had become a reality. Love, harmony, and world peace were no longer just ideals to strive for but the very fabric of society itself.

And as the night came to a close, with hearts full of hope and gratitude, the people of the world looked forward to a future as bright and beautiful as the dreams of Maya and David. For in a world united by love, anything was possible. And together, they knew they could create a future beyond their wildest imaginations.

One Love, A Gen AI Instructional Essay

By https://tinywow.com/write/essay-writer

World peace is a lofty goal that has eluded humanity for centuries. However, with the current global challenges we face, achieving peace has become imperative. In order to achieve world peace, it is important to understand the root causes of conflict and violence, and to develop strategies to address them.

One of the key factors contributing to conflict and violence is inequality. Economic disparities, social injustices, and lack of access to basic resources can lead to resentment and unrest within communities. Therefore, in order to achieve world peace, it is crucial to address these inequalities through policies that promote social justice and economic empowerment.

Another important factor that contributes to conflict is lack of education and awareness. Ignorance and misunderstanding can lead to fear, hatred, and violence towards others. Therefore, promoting education and fostering a culture of tolerance and acceptance is essential in achieving world peace. Education not only empowers individuals, but also helps to build bridges between different communities and promote mutual understanding.

Furthermore, promoting dialogue and diplomacy is crucial in resolving conflicts peacefully. Instead of resorting to violence and aggression, countries and individuals should engage in open and constructive dialogue to find common ground and resolve differences. Diplomacy requires patience, understanding, and compromise, but it is essential in achieving long-lasting peace.

In addition, promoting human rights and the rule of law is essential in achieving world peace. Respect for human rights, including the right to freedom of speech, religion, and expression, is fundamental in creating a just and peaceful society. The rule of law ensures that individuals are treated fairly and justly, and that conflicts are resolved through legal means rather than violence.

Moreover, promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation is essential in achieving world peace. Environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources can lead to conflicts over access to land, water, and other resources. Therefore, promoting sustainable development practices and protecting the environment is crucial in preventing conflicts and promoting peace.

Another important strategy in achieving world peace is promoting disarmament and demilitarization. The proliferation of weapons and military build-up can lead to conflicts and wars. Therefore, countries should invest in peace-building initiatives and disarmament programs in order to reduce the threat of violence and promote peace.

Furthermore, promoting social cohesion and community engagement is essential in achieving world peace. Building strong and resilient communities that are united in their diversity can help to prevent conflicts and violence. Community engagement initiatives, such as promoting cultural exchange programs, volunteer work, and grassroots movements, can help to strengthen social bonds and promote peace.

Moreover, promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment is essential in achieving world peace. Women have played a crucial role in promoting peace and reconciliation in conflict-affected areas. Therefore, empowering women and promoting gender equality can help to build more inclusive and peaceful societies.

In conclusion, achieving world peace is a complex and challenging task that requires commitment, collaboration, and perseverance. By addressing the root causes of conflict, promoting education and awareness, fostering dialogue and diplomacy, promoting human rights and the rule of law, promoting sustainable development and environmental conservation, promoting disarmament and demilitarization, promoting social cohesion and community engagement, and promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment, we can work towards a more peaceful and just world. It is imperative that we come together as a global community to strive for peace and build a better future for all.

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