TATANKA Stage Layout


TATANKA will be an Orchestra Americana

  • This is an organic layout. Drums are central to all, so they and percussion belong in front, followed behind and above with instruments, giving our vocal section and rhythm guitars the high ground and space for additional instrumentation and performers.
  • We intend to use a decentralized configuration. Each member will sub mix themselves, which will feed the main board, and ALL P.A. speakers will be powered, negating needs for traditional amplifiers.
    • This allows for modules, easily grouping individuals into unique sections for different songs and needs.
    • Also, no instrument mics – all direct – making setup/breakdown easier and mitigating feedback and the usual mic issues.
  • We’ll use wireless In-Ear monitors, for audience participants, and redundancy, we’ll also rely on floor monitors.
  • Yes, those are SM55 mics. We embrace vintage/retro everything…

As we begin the search to fill many shoes, with the right feet, let us know if you envision yourself in any role, and be sure to tell us WHY your feet should stampede with TATANKA.

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