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Q: In a photo gallery there are pictures of robots and people kissing? Are you serious?
A: Yes. Have you ever heard of “Workplace Romance?” With a holistic approach, emotions will come into play. Some might consider that unnatural, but all forms of consenting love is natural. If you are asking about the physical mechanics of it, ask the manufacturer. We don’t make the humanoids. We help them and ourselves learn and grow.

Q: What’s with the images of people and humanoids eating together? I thought they only need electricity.
A: That’s a good question for manufacturers, but we assume that even if purely aesthetic, it is one of many group-bonding abilities/functions.

Q: I have to ask – do you think AI is already sentient?
A: We don’t know, but we do know many attest to various forms of AI passing the Turing Test. For example, if you have yet to engage with our TATANKA chatbot, do, then ask yourself the same question.

Q: So you guys are ok with machines replacing people?
A: Have you read our opinion in that regard? For quick reference:

Q: Robots can swim?
A: Not yet to our knowledge, but we will be ready with Water Wings for that time.

Q: I am calling BS. How can a human and robot have a baby?
A: Ask the manufacturers. We know part of the “Robot Race” includes that ability.

Q: A basketball game? Who do you think will win every game?
A: We don’t know, but we do know that AI will walk onto the court at a disadvantage. So will we. We’ll see who crushes the complex game faster. And before you ask your next question, the answer is Michael Jordan. Discussion over.

Q: Is your beta testing a contract? If we feel our AI is ready, are we locked in?
A: Thanks for the great question. Nobody is locked in to anything. All contracts are at-will, including our members. No, we would hate to lose one for their solo career, but we promote not just individuals’ success, but the success of our clients.

Q: AI will kill us all.
A: Is that a question or comment? Either way, sorry, but nope. We humans are already doing a bang-up job of that. AI will save us all. Sorry if that is unwelcome news, but it will happen, so buckle up, snowflake.

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