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TATANKA will train and beta-test AI humanoids.

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ᎢᎪᎢᎪᏁᏦᎪ will train and beta-test AI humanoids by collaboratively creating, recreating, rehearsing, performing, co-writing, recording, learning, teaching, succeeding, failing – co-existing = to achieve its mission: The Combined Evolution of Humanity and AI.

Some our AI Gen development is linked below and on Discord, but we intend to help take AI a quantum leap forward. TATANKA proposes more than AI collaboration. AI 2.0 will be applied AI. Humanity and AI not just in virtual concert, but co-existing, as peers to best address Global Goals such as the SDGs.

AI v2.0 is the future of Humanity and Inclusion

Among traditional investors, we are pitching to companies and organizations engaged in efforts to transfer an AI to a Humanoid Robot, aka the “Robot Race,” and then test it in real-world settings. TATANKA offers a unique and demanding environment for such applications, achieving numerous goals for all stakeholders, on all possible levels.

Here is recent news of the current Robot Race

TATANKA AI Innovation

Bridging Technology and Culture through AI-driven Music and Collaboration


TATANKA leverages cutting-edge AI technology to create an adaptive, multicultural orchestra. Our platform integrates AI-driven composition, performance tools, and live streaming to foster global collaboration among diverse artists. We are seeking partnerships with Robotics Companies and Tech Titans to further enhance our AI capabilities and explore new frontiers in music and technology.

Technical Details

Our AI platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and compose music in real-time. We utilize advanced robotics for enhanced performances, providing a unique testing ground for AI humanoids in a creative and dynamic environment. Key technologies include:

  • Real-time AI-driven music composition and arrangement
  • Adaptive learning algorithms for continuous improvement
  • Integration with robotics for interactive performances
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure for global accessibility

Partnership Opportunities

We invite Robotics Companies and Tech Titans to partner with TATANKA in pushing the boundaries of AI and music. Opportunities include:

  • Testing and deploying AI humanoids in live performance settings
  • Collaborating on advanced AI algorithms for music composition
  • Leveraging our platform for showcasing AI innovations
  • Engaging with a diverse and global audience

Impact and Vision

TATANKA is more than just an AI project. We aim to make a global impact by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion through the universal language of music. By partnering with us, you will not only advance AI technology but also contribute to a more inclusive and equitable world.

How TATANKA Holistically and Qualitatively Trains and Beta Tests AI

ᎢᎪᎢᎪᏁᏦᎪ is a proponent of and partner with AI, therefore humanity, as it will exponentially benefit all of mankind.

ᎢᎪᎢᎪᏁᏦᎪ’s goals include evolution and enlightenment.

Don’t get left behind in the dark.

The more we collaborate with AI as a tool, not just for testing ᎢᎪᎢᎪᏁᏦᎪ music composition, but video production, copy-writing, digital image development, all forms of digital media, and its potential to not just save time but create QUALITY content and art, the more we become participants in the Robot Race.

All ᎢᎪᎢᎪᏁᏦᎪ AI-Generated Content is clearly marked as such. Click below to check out our Preliminary AI Gen Projects.

Unleash YOUR Human Potential with ᎢᎪᎢᎪᏁᏦᎪ + AI!

Concerned about AI? Why AI does NOT pose a threat to Artists and Humanity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a topic of discussion and debate for quite some time now. With advancements in technology and the rise of AI-powered tools, there have been fears about the potential threat it poses to artists and humanity as a whole. However, AI does not pose a threat to artists and humanity for several reasons.

Firstly, AI is a tool that can be used by artists to enhance their creativity and productivity. AI can assist artists in generating ideas, analyzing trends, and even creating all mediums of art, but it cannot replace the human touch and emotions that go into creating a piece of art. Artists have a unique perspective and creativity that AI simply cannot nor ever will replicate.

Secondly, AI is still in its infancy stages and has limitations in terms of emotional intelligence and empathy. While AI may be able to analyze data and create art based on algorithms and patterns, it lacks the emotional depth and understanding that human artists possess. It may mimic it, but in the end, AI is drawing on the data it has been fed, so it literally is digitally guessing as output to our queries. Art is an expression of human emotion and experience, something that AI cannot truly embody. It can augment it, but never replace the human factor.

Furthermore, AI is a tool created by humans for humans. It is meant to serve as yet another man-made contrivance to assist us in various tasks and make our lives easier, not to usurp us. By the way, sorry about my choice of words. As a human who majored in English, I tend to be superfluous. I am not intelligent. I am human. And I am admittedly lazy, so artists can use AI to better amalgamate their workflow (Nice segue! Also, if you just clicked on any of those links, thank you for illustrating my point.), experiment with new techniques, and reach new audiences, but ultimately, it is the artist’s vision and creativity that shines through in their work.

AI can open up new possibilities for artists and push the boundaries of creativity. With AI-powered tools, artists can explore new mediums, techniques, and styles that they may not have considered before. This can lead to innovative and groundbreaking work that expands the horizons of art and challenges traditional notions of creativity.

AI can help artists connect with audiences on a deeper level. By analyzing data and trends, AI can assist artists in understanding their audiences better and tailoring their work to resonate with them. This can lead to greater engagement, collaboration, and appreciation for art in society.

AI can help artists overcome creative blocks and challenges. By providing new perspectives, generating ideas, and offering feedback, AI can serve as a valuable resource for artists to overcome obstacles and tap into their full creative potential. This can lead to the development of new skills, techniques, and approaches that enrich the artistic process.

AI can assist artists in managing their careers and navigating the ever-changing landscape of the art world. By analyzing market trends, pricing strategies, and audience preferences, AI can help artists make informed decisions about their work, marketing strategies, and career paths. This can lead to greater success, visibility, and sustainability for artists in the competitive art market.

Indigenous AI

AI can help preserve and protect art for future generations. By digitizing and cataloging artwork, analyzing conservation needs, and monitoring environmental conditions, AI can help ensure that artworks are preserved and accessible to audiences around the world. This can help artists reach new audiences, preserve cultural heritage, and contribute to the global art community.

So, fear not. AI does not pose a threat to artists and humanity, but rather, it offers new opportunities and possibilities for creative expression, innovation, and collaboration. Artists can harness the power of AI to enhance their creativity, reach new audiences, overcome challenges, and make a meaningful impact in society. By embracing AI as a tool to support and enhance their work, artists and mankind in general can continue to thrive and inspire us with their unique vision and creativity, aka humanity.

Oh, and yes, my Language Arts students disdained me in class, but after graduation, they often returned to thank me for showering them with my brand of literary tough love. Now, the stories I could regale you with of my Franciscan and Carmelite teachers… (Point taken?)

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