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Concrete revenue projections are inherently impossible to accurately project, and modules of the initiative should be negotiated with the investor(s), but below are TATANKA’s industry comparables, estimated operating figures, and more data, all conservative and first-year. The site, the equipment, and other costs will be arranged with the investor(s), but member and staff salaries and benefits are non-negotiable so their focus can be solely on TATANKA, while earning a fair income based on expectations outlined in the proposal, including being featured in a 24/7 Reality production.

TATANKA Financials

TATANKA will be for-profit as goals include self-sustainability, requiring no future investment rounds other than initial Seed funding and operational costs for the first year of development and operation.

  • 20% of equity is available to funding stakeholders
    • Acquisition is an option, but if a traditional investment, the primary investor or broker will manage secondary investors and determine/share equity per their mutual discretion.
      • Primary Investors include investors and TATANKA members.
        • For example, if a member/broker secures funding, they are an official TATANKA representative able to negotiate their 20% with the investor(s). 
      • The investor(s) will provide capital for acquisition or construction of a facility, all relevant equipment (see below) and all operational costs for the first year.
        • The initial potential and ideal U.S. facility in the U.S. is listed here, here, and a video is here.
        • An alternate Scotland site is here.
        • We continue an international search for viable facilities, which include other locations based on our needs and as the investor(s) might have preferences to consider, so check back for updates.
      • All physical assets will be property of equity shareholders, based on their share.
        • Majority stakeholders will retain the option to buy out minority stakeholders for original investment percentage at any time. If unacceptable, initial acquisition remains an option. 

Concrete revenue projections are inherently difficult to project, but for context, below are TATANKA’s proposed revenue streams and 2024 comparables, all conservative and lowest possible, listed highest to least income with estimated summation, assuming TATANKA is fully developed as proposed.

Revenue Streams and Estimates

  • Booking fees: Venues may charge the act a fee for booking the show, which can range from $500 to tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Concessions: Venues make money from concessions, such as food and drink.
  • Parking: Venues may make money from parking revenue.
  • Door charges: Venues may charge a door charge for premium access.
  • Estimated conservative annual revenue for a small venue: USD $300,000
    • With expansion and required funding, TATANKA can tour, creating multiple new revenue streams, to be discussed if/when that option becomes viable.
  • Multi-Suite Digital Recording Studio
    • State of the art studio (one, not three as proposed): USD $180,000

With full initial development as proposed, or expansion, per Investor Discretion

Total conservative revenue estimate including the streams developed, as indicated above: 

  • USD $765,800,000
  • USD $210,000,000
  • USD $3,102,000 
  • USD $660,000
  • USD $500,000
  • USD $300,000
  • USD $180,000

USD $980,542,000 (conservative estimate, gross first-year revenue) x .2 =

Operating Costs


An estimated staff of twenty-six (26) to include eighteen (18) orchestra members + eight (8) I.T., security, housekeeping, maintenance x USD TBD* salary + benefits (According to, the average cost of employee benefits for private industry workers in 2024 is $510.80 per week, or USD $26,561.60 per year, based on a 40-hour work week.)
= $126,561.60 x 26 = USD $3,290.601/year *

Each member of The Council is additionally entitled to non-transferable .5% equity in TATANKA profits, physical assets, and/or acquisition revenue.

Facility and Physical Assets – TBD* by TATANKA Council

The various projected facility and staff needs will vary based on project scope, but to provide all projected revenue streams, outside of the facility and operational budget, tentatively anticipated musical equipment and staff/facility furnishings/equipment* are here, and subject to negotiation:

Note: For streaming and security, a digital 4/8K fixed video network will provide for both, and the former can be managed off-site by relevant stakeholders. Understanding the investors will have experience with production, none of that equipment, or lighting, is included in the assets, per their discretion and better judgement.

Any investment or acquisition will be negotiated and based on the amount of revenue streams investors choose to develop. Policies and decisions will be decided by The Council. Investors will make all negotiated financial determinations and decisions, outside those noted here.

For example, if an investor decides not to fund the Musical Store, Streaming, short- or long-term housing, the Great Hall, Rehearsal Spaces or additional Recording Suites, the initial investment will reflect those negotiated investor and TATANKA Council decisions, but all such decisions will be negotiated with and agreed to by TATANKA Council. 

In exchange for their share of equity, all investors are responsible for funding all TATANKA operational costs* for one year, but TATANKA stakeholders reserve all rights to acquire and expand the business at any time, as noted above.

If investors acquire TATANKA, all remaining TATANKA stakeholders will acquire all assets and be provided the option to remain contracted with the project, as determined by the investors, for a period of one year. Subsequent renewal of staff contracts will also be determined by the investors.

If you have any questions, please contact:

TATANKA Founder/Owner
Google Voice/Text: 1-605-808-1011

Financial Investor Disclaimer:

Risk is fundamental to the investment process. All financial needs to provide negotiated services will be assumed by investors. Outside of full acquisition, TATANKA stakeholders reserve all rights to possession of all assets and determination of all policies, outside those noted above. These disclaimers make it clear that the information provided should not be considered as investment advice or a guarantee of returns. It’s essential for investors to do their due diligence and make informed decisions based on their financial situation and risk tolerance. Consulting a financial advisor is highly recommended before making any investment decisions.

  • TATANKA does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of this document’s information.
  • Any income or earnings statements are estimates only, and there is no assurance that your earnings will match the figures TATANKA presents.
  • The value of investments and the income therefrom may go down as well as up, so you are not guaranteed to get back the original amount invested.

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*If this is your priority, then you are not aligned with TATANKA’s mission, and not a good fit. The only number we can share is the cost of benefits. Salary and operational budgets are flexible depending on the investor(s). The income will be lucrative but, again, if money is your focus, do not bother to apply as we seek like-minded artists who shares the goals of Impact.

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