Got it. OK. How will TATANKA be inclusive?

  • Attend a gig and join in on any of the following:
    • Sing in the CHOIR
      • In front of the band will be microphones on stands. Yes, you need to behave, but on select songs those mics will be live. There is no such thing as tone deaf – you’ll blend in. Promise.
    • Play along with TATANKA in one of the Drum Circles
      • Also at audience level there will be Drum Circles where during CHOIR songs, the audience can also participate (guided) with various percussion.
    • Take a crash course, TATANKA Star 101
      • Each gig TATANKA will randomly select one volunteer to join us backstage during a break for an easy primer on how to play a select song on electric guitar or bass (your call) which you will take home, gratis, in hopes you keep playing.
      • Returning TATANKA Stars will increasingly join the band on stage as they progress.

For now, you can already join the HERD by submitting your Three Answers below:

As we form the band, we also form our “HERD,” the larger group that truly makes up TATANKA. We invite folks to mini-interview, the “Three Questions” format we unabashedly stole from Leo Tolstoy. We will publish those responses, aka Three Answers, here. If you would like to contribute, click here to submit your own Three Answers.

The bigger TATANKA is, the better, so let’s begin to assemble our HERD…

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