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TATANKA is an SDG-aligned Media Platform Initiative

More than an Americana Orchestra, TATANKA will be:

  • Streamed LIVE 24/7 ala Big Brother

    • Rehearsals
    • Performances
    • Special Events (Unplugged Sets, Pod¹ Performances, Performance Art, Poetry Slams, etc.)
    • Recording Sessions
    • Day-to-Day TATANKA

Dig Deeper: https://tinyurl.com/tatanka-reality

  • Performance Venue

  • Multi-Suite Digital Recording Studio

    • Three to start, all DDD, varying in quality/affordability
    • With expansion, vintage ADD, AAD could be provided

  • Rehearsal Space(s)
  • Shared Living Space for the Numerous, Diverse Staff
  • Expansion to include:

    • TATANKA-themed Watering Hole & Café
    • Private Great Banquet Hall
    • Event Space
    • Long-Term Lodging
    • Music Education/DEI Awareness Center
    • AFFORDABLE Retail Musical Equipment Store

      • Problem: Cost has historically been a barrier to learning to play
      • Fact: The American market has been flooded with knockoffs from overseas
      • Fact: Whereas the quality of cheap goods has been poor, it is now competitive
      • Solution: Put affordable, quality gear in people’s hands and more will be able to play

        • Other than online, it is difficult to access decent “low-end” hardware
        • TATANKA would provide a local alternative source
        • Many marginalized groups cannot otherwise afford to be musicians

  • ALL aligned to a single objective:

ᗑᑌᔑᓵᐸ ᗑᗕᗕᐪᔑ ᗑᓵᔑᔑᓵᗝᐱ™ (Music Meets Mission™)

A few distinctions include:

  • All members will co-habitate. We have the ideal facility in mind, idyllic Black Hills acreage for TATANKA to again roam freely.
  • TATANKA will illustrate and benefit from Diversity, not merely “supporting” worthy causes, including Indigenous and other marginalized groups, but modeling all by Inclusion and example.
    Less talk.
    More action.
  • All decisions will be made by Consensus; Democracy is alive and well, and it will be televised.
  • TATANKA will be more than a band; it will be a HERD, integrating audience participation.

    • Join the CHOIR and show us what ya got!
    • Sit in one of the DRUM CIRCLES and thunder along with TATANKA
    • Volunteer for a crash course, TATANKA Star 101, during a break then jam with the band as a TATANKA STAR!

      • Take home your new guitar or bass bundle – free – PRACTICE – return to join TATANKA on stage at another gig!
      • Ideally take it all to another level and let us help you practice, perform, write and record!

  • TATANKA will be multilingual, global in scope. I speak several languages and am already connected with potential members from multiple countries outside the U.S. More to come…
  • Each band member will have a Mini Recording Studio in their quarters to facilitate migration from cover songs to originals, so our seasoned songwriters can easily internally tutor, member by member.

    • Also, we will help each other learn or improve on new instruments and staging efforts as another goal is to diversify into ¹Pods for augmented full and special performances.
    • Everyone will sing.

TATANKA will be an Americana Orchestra, a projected eighteen (18) members, including four drummers, two percussionists, two bassists, two keyboardists, three guitarists and numerous vocalists. However, the stage show will incorporate performance art and considering the scope of the show, and the volume of equipment, logistics, for now, are prohibitive for touring, so we will host shows at the TATANKA venue. If a label signs us and provides the necessary additional staff and transportation, great – the road awaits!

And yes, the location draws on a nearby, booming Upper Midwest U.S. city, as well as drawing traffic from FIVE neighboring states, so the location is intentional, ideal, and sustainable.

Dig Deeper: https://tinyurl.com/tatanka-location

Want to learn more? Scan the QR code or click for the PDF: tinyurl.com/tatanka-proposal

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