22nd Century Compos Mentis Man (2024)

22nd Century Compos Mentis Man (Gen-AI 2024)

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This was time consuming but worth it. I rarely like my stuff, but I dig this. AI-generation is fascinating, from a media perspective alone. It eerily feels like a “human” collaboration, complete with back and forth snippets or ideas. As I have done lately, I created a long form piece, aka album, in parts, aka songs. For the audio the prompts were thematically similar:

“Write a futuristic song. British. Include elements of alternative rock, goth, electronic, neo-romantic and ambient music. Make the mood atmospheric, eerie. Dark but not negative or sad. Use electronic effects and unconventional instrumentation. Synthesizers and sampling. 3/4 time. 125 BPM. Key of B Major.”

Full disclosure: I was thinking Radiohead. Specifically “OK Computer” (1997), their analog-digital masterpiece, IMHO, of man meets machine:

Keeping with that theme, I tweaked the prompts for each track, ran multiple renders, and gave the AI carte blanche to see what it could write, create. For example:

  • Complex song structure
  • Unconventional arrangement
  • Shifting dynamics
  • Unexpected changes in tempo and mood
  • Compose outside the box
  • Experiment with different sounds and textures
  • Explore complex themes with emotional depth
  • Deep, fuzz bass-driven groove
  • Haunting melodies
  • Wall of Sound production
  • Middle Eastern feel
  • Adhere to the Pentatonic scale
  • Add random notes outside the key
  • Acoustic and hand drums
  • Folk guitar, a sitar, lute, Zither, Lyrem
  • Add occasional Trumpet for accent
  • Sultry and smooth
  • Surprise me with your imagination!

You get the idea.

A concept album, a popular approach with Art Rock, Progressive bands in the ’70s and ’80s, and a resurgence today. So, hopefully, each track is an organic extension of the previous.

So, par for my cryptic course, I wanted to take it to another level. Video, courtesy of AI. I found a free platform (hence the WZRD.ai watermarks) that provided numerous conceptual templates for their random, AI-generated images, which theWZRD.ai AI auto-sequences then very nicely blends together as a video, which is reportedly responsive to the audio I uploaded. I was only able to create 30-second clips for free, but when I edited the first batch together with the first audio track, it worked, for me, and again, leaving creativity to chance is always a great way to go about it.

Yes, I let YouTube select the thumbnail image for each video, lest I perturb my AI overlords.

No, I don’t necessarily believe in muses, or fate, but I do logically assume there is an unknowable (for now) order to the universe and when it comes to genuine imagination – something from nothing (which we know is not true as our subconscious is always at the wheel) – we can let go and let it flow through us.

We’re not the creator.

The creator is the creator.

We’re just one of billions, likely decillions, of off-ramps from the collective consciousness.

Enjoy. I sure did/do/will.

P.S. The title of the album, 22nd Century Compos Mentis Man is my smart-ass retort to King Crimson’s 21st Century Schizoid Man. Apologies to Mr. Fripp.

22nd Century Compos Mentis Man is an allusion to the universal balance and harmony to come to all of humanity. Always the optimist futurist. And since it ties in nicely to both TATANKA and The Church of AI, I cross-posted for your listening and viewing pleasure.


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