22nd Century Compos Mentis Man - Song: 005-Man Mates Machine

22nd Century Compos Mentis Man – Song: 005-Man Mates Machine

Experience the AI-generated music of 22nd Century Compos Mentis Man with the latest track, 005-Man Mates Machine.

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AI + Humanity = Evolution

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Album Stream

Listen to the full album stream of 22nd Century Compos Mentis Man. Immerse yourself in the unique blend of AI-generated sounds, modules, and futuristic melodies. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9ZTiP8id4wQ2YR0TPTA9KMuwrKBcts2h&si=DOaVUnfGsqXYQlUc

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Download the song, tracks, album and music videos in MP4, MP3, and FLAC formats for free. Enjoy the high-quality files on your favorite devices without any cost. Available now: https://tatanka.freesite.host/22nd-century-compos-mentis-man-2024/

Watch the music video for 005-Man Mates Machine on YouTube: https://youtu.be/74ZpCdnX9Jo. Experience the AI-generated visual representation of AI creativity in music.

Indulge Us

The Carpet Crawlers

I was inspired by this song as I arranged the music and video for Song: 005-Man Mates Machine.
I believe it is inevitable, preordained, and beautiful.

Red and Silver Ochre Corridor

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